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No other city I have been to did not allow me to feel in such extent, the whole tragedy and optimism of our history of civilization, tossing in the ocean of cruel contradictions, where love and hatred, the soul and the devil, the power and kindness like a vein pulsed are inextricably intertwined in all our lives and still is our daily bread.
To illustrate these everyday antagonisms, good old Nicosia somehow spontaneously offered me its innate ideas - timeless human hands raised walls, which separate, and the myriad galleries of the man-made doors, which connects and invites for entry.
For those who will browse this photo album, I wish a wonderful time to experience the aura of the walled city, built by innumerable multitude of people sweat, and tears of pain and joy.
That the reader would be easier to understand and experience the spirit of this secluded corner on Earth, I invite here the assistance of several past centuries travelers (sources are listed at the end of this album) to share their impressions and images, originated in the collision with this arising in the desert fairy-tale - the old Nicosia...


About the Author

Arturas Pocius
artouras Lithuania
born in 1960

Publish Date  August 18, 2009

Dimensions  Standard Landscape  160 pgs Standard Paper

Category  Travel

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