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In the Third World women give their children a good start in life without nappies, without jars of baby food, without nursery schools, without fee-paying schools, without magazines for parents, without toys from Toys’r’Us, without babysitter….facing fatal illnesses, hunger, widowhood, medical neglect…

The difference between this mother and the European mother is that the former remains much more time with the child and keeps a much closer tie, and this child even belongs to Earth, becoming strong on Earth and connecting itself to Earth. When a child is separated too soon from its mother, it is a child full of needs. You can perceive this when you observe your cats – a cat that is separated from its mother keeps on “kneading” constantly with its claws, this doesn’t differ from when a child is separated from its own mother, afterwards it constantly has needs throughout its life. Unless you work a lot on “yourself”, the need remains until your death. The ancient cultures honour and venerate their mothers – in the Western world to venerate the mother is mere hypocrisy.

In Africa, a woman carries the child with her until it is three years old. She uses a sheet to tie the kid to her back, even when she works; wherever she goes the kid accompanies her, creating a strong and universal bond between mother and child, and this bond is transmitted from generation to generation. Many kids also convert in mothers of their younger brothers.

To all the mothers, this little tribute.

A Swahili proverb says:

“A mother on its way/that is passing through is not a real mother”.


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