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There are two midnights every night, one according to the clock, The Civil System, defines midnight as 12 o’clock or 00:00 hours and governed by Time Zones, and Daylight Saving Time. But the true meaning of midnight, the middle of the night is not 12 o’clock, but rather a loose point of time defined by definite the system of the Earth rotating on an axis, and intern rotating around the Sun. The difference between these two systems can be as much as an hour and a half in the winter at G.M.T. With days of the year being measured as the time between two midnights, this mix of ideas of what is actually midnight becomes much more than just 360.25 days a year. The gap between mid-night and midnight becomes a day that is neither the day before, or the day after. This body of work is a study of these hidden days between “Mid-night and Midnight”.


About the Author

Tom Warland
tombob Chorleywood, Herts, UK

Tom Warland is a Documentary Photographer, Filmmaker, Illustrator and lecturer living and working in London and the surrounding area. Since graduating from the University of Wales; Newport's Documentary Photography course he has explored traditional and largely forgotten ideas in British society and culture and his work has been exhibited and published in various publications.

Tom also works as a commercial and events photographer documenting through the use of photography and film; music festivals as well as musical groups such as Breabach, Steve Knightley, Phil Beer, The Selecter and has also made music videos for bands including The Nameless Three.

Currently he is working on a documentary on a small group of pigeon racers which is due to be exhibited, and collaborating with Paul Sebastian Smith on a conceptual piece as part of the Great Missenden Survey 2014.

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