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Actual photographs of Angels, elementals, orbs with images of faces and animals in them and other spiritual phenomena.


About the Author

Linda Eckerd
Ljeckerd Pacific Northwest

Publish Date  August 28, 2009

Dimensions  Standard Landscape  120 pgs Standard Paper

Category  Pets

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Comments (7)


Ljeckerd says

Thank you midniterainb for you comments.... And thank you for the magic wand.. I do believe in magic!

posted at 09:18am Aug 15 PST


midniterainb says

I love your 'vision'. One man's dust is another mans 'might' and we all know MIGHT makes right. Raised to believe in ME, first. It's a stingy world. I have a true story to Tell about surviving HELL but it depends on your beliefs. I believe in you, girl!

posted at 08:31am Aug 15 PST


midniterainb says

I feel like a little girl whose Daddy just bought her a pony. YOU are JUST what I NEEDED. YOU needed to do this because I needed to find you. I can feel it coming in the night's wind. They keep telling ME to hang on, I am the storm when it rages and the mother licking bitch. I eat crap and die just like YOU. YOU were created just like ME>You are my LUCKY Linda. Watch your book sell like carnival food. SMILES and waves her magic wand.

posted at 08:22am Aug 15 PST


Ljeckerd says

Thank you so much Joanne, I appreciate and treasure your comments! Linda

posted at 07:24pm Oct 05 PST


JoanneUp says

This is an exquisitely beautiful book! What incredible photography, and the implications of these photographs are deeply inspiring. I agree with whomever 'told' you to put these photos into a book. Best wishes and congratulations, Joanne

posted at 06:19pm Oct 05 PST


Ljeckerd says

Thank you Alice, I'm glad you enjoyed the preview. I have been "told" by many that I needed to put these photos in a book! Blurb was the easy way to do it. Linda

posted at 05:02pm Oct 05 PST


dovefriends says

I loved looking at thepreview of this book and really appreciate your way of ;seeing' ....from Alice Friend

posted at 03:44pm Oct 05 PST


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