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Moving around the town, there are always new things. We may decide to pay attention or walk away from the subject matter. These could be things that may benefit us now or later on, things that are so interesting that we should be aware of.

Recently, The Mall - the UK's leading community shopping centre brand - commenced a £150m project to improve and extend The Mall Luton. The extension will create large modern shop units to attract prestigious new retailers, improve the appearance of The Mall and its relationship to the town centre through high quality architecture and urban design, and integrate it with other key regeneration initiatives in Luton.

The Crane on site is a new feature on the skyline of Luton which we will continue to see for some months until around June 2010. I asked myself, how many people are aware of this structure in our skyline? Are we looking forward to the new facade to come to our town centre with its associated economic and social importance?

I have thus decided to use the Crane as a focal point for this project, not only to create awareness about better things to come to the Town Centre, but to feature it as a landmark on our skyline and a photographic exploration of the town.

This exhibition shows different views of the Crane from different parts of the town, it’s so significant that you cannot miss it, with its blue colour and different position throughout the day, I have been able to come up with some interesting images which I hope you will find same.

It is aimed at making community aware of things going on around them, to see the Crane as a sign of strength and progress, a time to pause and reflect on things in our surroundings, making people see the crane in a collective manner, where they can relate to and feel involved. They can associate with it and look forward to the opportunities ahead, most importantly the economical opportunities.

I want to show the Crane as a part of the town which will continually remind us of the new development coming to the town. Whenever we see the crane, there should be a sense of belonging to a town, which will soon witness changes, something interesting and a beautiful facade to the town centre.

From different locations, the Crane, towers high above all thereby presenting a continual reminder of better things to come to the town. Though it will not last forever, its work – the new shopping mall - will be a testimony to its presence.


About the Author

The passion for photograph has being the motivation for his works.With a first degree in Architecture; Gbenga proceeds to the University of Bedfordshire for a Masters degree in Arts and Design with Internet Technologies. He works in some other forms of art, but see photograph as a means of capturing features of this world, He strives to continually develop artistic teams and directions for his collection of works . Gbenga resides in Luton, UK and continually strive to, and enjoying learning new skills and accept new challenges.

Publish Date  August 31, 2009

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Category  Arts & Photography

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