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Images from Ancient English History tour, 2008. Surrealistically altered by the reality manipulator, Brittany Stenger, aka Britta Shaye. England as you have never seen before. The colours and styles of these images were inspired by the medieval tales of the mythical (or not) King Arthur. A heroic and mysterious character from England's Dark Ages, King Arthur lived in a hauntingly beautiful place. These altered photographs will give new meaning to the name that the Roman invaders gave to England: "The land where soldiers go to die"


About the Author

Brittany Stenger
liebe_brita Deland, FL U.S.A.

Since the age of ten, cameras have been a permanent fixture to my body. The sound of the shutter-click arouses me. And the one thing I want to see before I die is the creation of my invention - a camera that is installed in the eye, which is then connected to a darkroom in my stomach so that I can pull the developed roll of pictures out of my naval like cigar paper.

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