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New Zealand is a diverse and beautiful country. It is a land of contrasts: of snowy mountains and fiery volcanoes, of alpine deserts and rain forests. According to the Maori this is Aotearoa, Land of the Long White Cloud. This 40 page book is a small selection of images highlighting the beauty of the South Island.

Join me on an armchair trip through this stunning scenery. Traverse the Southern Alps, take in the glacial lakes and braided rivers and step back in time to walk an abandoned gold mining town. This is not just a book, it is a journey. Come with me as I wander.


About the Author

Alex Whisman
pinepig Auckland, New Zealand
I moved to New Zealand to be with my wife in 2001 and have had fun capturing the unique beauty that is Aotearoa. We are both into our photography. I shoot as Pinepig Studio and she as Spiritsdance Studio, together we are Pinedance Studios. I enjoy shooting a variety of subjects and hope to bring as much as I can of this beautiful country to family, friends and strangers. My main topic are landscapes, but I also focus on plants and flowers, antiques, patterns, textures and anything that draws my attention. My camera of choice is a Pentax K10D, which I've enjoyed using. Take a virtual trip through the wonders of this land in one of my books. All are set to full preview.

Comments (12)


Lockyarts says

Loved both your books makes me feel like I was back there.
if your interested visit my books - New Zealand photos and sketches of my art trip in 2008

posted at 11:34pm Dec 11 PST


huntsman-m says

Great job on your book! It did make me feel like I was right there. I just voted--good luck and I wish you all the best!


posted at 04:53pm Nov 05 PST


amberpeterse says

Great lighting, great sky in these shots! I voted for you! Check out my book "My Willa" in the pets category if you have a chance, and good luck!

posted at 02:20pm Nov 05 PST


melanianspot says

Beautiful images! If we were in different categories I would be voteing for your lovely book

posted at 02:28pm Nov 01 PST


AdoptionLove says

This brings back memories of our trip to Australia & NZ in 2003. We got the visit the fjords-amazing. You got a vote from me.

Check out my book when you get a chance in the family section.


posted at 02:30pm Oct 31 PST


deoxygen says

Wow, some excellent photography in this book, well done!

posted at 12:32am Oct 31 PST


Plurabella says

Beautiful, I visited the south island a long time ago. your book captures that epic beauty, well done! :)

posted at 09:21am Oct 24 PST

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