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Water-land is a series of
photographic essays about
Deptford Creek undertaken
by a group of Architecture BA
students from University of
Greenwich. Situated in an old
industrial area with a strong
maritime character, Deptford
Creek is a territory of contrasts:
between water and land,
between derelict warehouses
and new development.
As part of their teaching
assignment, the students were
asked to propose a series of
architectural and landscape
interventions within and
around the creek. They used
photography to discover latent
qualities in the site and to
investigate signs of human use
and occupation.

Experimenting with different
types of photographic film and
manual cameras, each student
constructed their own narrative
about the place. The images
record fragments of the area,
ranging from strangely familiar
objects, such as discarded
shoes or domestic items,
discovered in unusual settings,
to strong industrial structures.
Each one captures qualities
specific to the creek in colour
and movement, in moments
between the changing tides
of the river Thames and in the
marks of human habitation.

Ioana Marinescu comments:
‘It was extremely interesting
to work with this group of
students, who had in most
cases never used film and
manual cameras before, and
to see them work with the
limitations of the photographic
medium to construct very
clear stories about a place and
come up with some beautiful
and powerful images. We
helped them print these in
the darkroom, in order that
they understand and exploit
the creative ‘mistake’ that
can occur when you interact
directly with the materials,
in a process that is almost
alchemical. Together with
university colleagues,
Thomas Goodey and Naomi
Shaw, I encourage a craft-
like approach to teaching
architecture through the use
of photography, hand drawing
and model-making.’


About the Author

Viewfinder Photography Gallery
The Viewfinder Photography Gallery is a registered charity which showcases the work of emerging art photographers.

Publish Date  September 18, 2009

Dimensions  Small Square  40 pgs Standard Paper

Category  Arts & Photography

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