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Wild and rugged, Alaska is one of few places on Earth where we can see untouched wilderness.  It's powerful beauty and breath-taking landscapes are home to a range of animals usually only seen in films and pictures.

Two iconic animals for Alaska are the Bald Eagle and Grizzly Bear.  The Bald Eagle is so large, that it has been known to swoop and grab small family dogs in the towns of Alaska.  The Grizzly Bear & Brown Bear (essentially the same bear distinguished by location) is an iconic symbol of Alaska.  With essentially no predator except humans, the Bear is at the top of the food chain, but still struggles for survival as the Earth grows warmer and weather patterns change the environment.  Delays in the Salmon run by up to 4 weeks can mean life or death for a Grizzly that hasn't eaten for months.  Thought of as extremely aggressive, these Bears really are gentle animals, only turning aggressive when threatened or excessively hungry.

Then there's the migrating Humpback Whales that can be found splashing across the surface of the ocean in Alaska.  These massive animals travel north during the summer to feed and do so using one of the most amazing and intelligent methods.  It's called Bubble-Net Feeding.  The whales circle a school of fish while blowing bubbles that form a type of net.  The fish swim away from the bubbles, but are now trapped in a circle of bubbles.  The whales then open their mouths and scoop up the fish.  Seeing these gigantic whales working together for food is an awesome sight and just one of many wonders of Alaska.

Mother Nature's splendor is clearly visible in the vistas of mountains, glaciers and animals that make up Alaska.


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Light and Dark Gallery, Toronto, is the latest collaboration by Australian photographers, Eric Whipp and Wade Odlum. Having both worked in the film and television industry for a combined 25 years; it was only natural that they turn their eye for composition and image toward their true passion, photography. Light and Dark Gallery features rich and stunning photographs taken from locations around the world.

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kraelson says

Oops! That last link was a previous book I'd been viewing---here's my kitten's! =)

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kraelson says

What a great book! The front cover caught my attention, and the rest of your photos sure didn't disappoint! Some of my favorites are the landscape on pages 10-11, page 17, and the waterfall on page 59. Well done; you've got my vote!
If you get time, please take a look at my kitten Wasabi's book in the Pets category and vote if you like her. Thanks, and good luck!

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You really have a nice book there! You got my vote! If you get the chance please look at my travel book..(Iran on the outside looking in) the link is (, i will very much appreciate you vote!

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saussie says

oh how I wish I could visit...

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ohdeanna says

Fact! Bear beats Battlestar!

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