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120 pages, 166 photos and 3 maps.

The book is divided into two parts. In the first part different aspects of life in Togo and Benin are shown. We see traditional mudbrick villages, but also life on the waterfront. Often the dwelling places have got something to do with the history of the people. A further aspect of history, one that is rather unpleasant, can be seen in Ouidah, Benin, where the slave route ended and from where people were shipped as slaves to America. But in the book there are also pictures of markets and crafts as well as children with pretty hairstyles. Also Christian belief in voodoo countries is shown.

The second half of the book deals with voodoo. Different aspects of this religion are shown in a close-up view. Several temples with their gods, goddesses, sacred snakes and devotees play an important part here. And there are priests and their fetishes who let us take part in their voodoo ceremonies. But we also go to a dangerous and bloody shrine, where you can cast a spell on your enemies. Further there are several photos of a trance dance which a voodoo priest arranged to ensure his magical powers.


About the Author

Christa Neuenhofer
Neuenhofer Bocholt, Germany
Christa Neuenhofer was born in 1949 in Germany. For many years she has travelled to countries in Asia, Africa and Central America. As she has a particular anthropological interest in tribal communities, she has visited quite a number of remote places, mainly in Asia. Especially in India she went to rural areas and took photos of tribal people and their traditional life - images of a cultural heritage which in only a few years will have been swept away by globalization. She has published many of these photos on the Internet ( ) When visiting indigenous people she and her husband have always shown a special interest in what people believe. They had to notice that many religions vanish more and more due to still very active missionaries. This curiosity in traditional faiths has now brought her to Togo and Benin to learn more about voodoo, a religion that has an increasing number of believers worldwide.

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JGeraads says

Ha Christa,

Prachtig boek! Erg mooi geworden. En interessant!
Gefeliciteerd met de publicatie. Ontzettend leuk.

posted at 09:45am Sep 25 PST

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