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by Phil Matier

Titles have always been invitations to the infinite and teases to the imagination.
Unlike labels, which serve to categorize art, people and thought into
preconceived categories, titles are tickets to mystery.
In a way they are an art form unto themselves.
A few carefully chosen words can spur the reader, viewer or listener into
the artist’s world and at times steer them in a certain direction. Other times
they spin off into new angles and points of observation and abstraction.
What we have here is "Lone Star Floating," a collection of poems, adventures,
history and emotions by Mark Erickson, that travel back through time and ahead
into the future. Mark's fascination, an almost obsession with titling his paintings,
Polaroids and collages comes into practice with his poetry. Micro stories, complete with plots
and heroes, villains, pathos and humor are presented here for your approval.
Souvenirs discovered along the road, some dented, some faded, some polished up
and shiny, are waiting to catch the reader's attention.
And like the titles of great books and films, these imaginations in verse are coming
from the experiences that we call life.
Even sometimes in abstracted form they are the true beginning.

In addition to his work with CBS 5, Phil Matier and Andy Ross co-write a news column
for the San Francisco Chronicle. Matier & Ross, offers scoops and insights about one
of the most fascinating regions in the country, the Bay Area in California.
Matier can also be heard on KCBS Radio. His writing and news work has inspired countless
journalists and generated the notion for many a politician to walk the straight and narrow.


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Publish Date  September 25, 2009

Dimensions  Small Square  60 pgs   Standard Paper

Category  Poetry

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