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Like most in my generation I have thousands of prints and slides scattered throughout the house. It is quite the mess.

Digital photography on the other hand has made organization so much easier. This book is about my entrance into the digital age, it shows off what the cheap point and shoot, and a beginners single lens reflex are capable of.

It is an archival record for my family as I entered the digital age. It highlights personal favorites, family and pets.


About the Author

dmkilbride Minnesota
Born 1954...crap that went fast.

Publish Date  September 27, 2009

Dimensions  Standard Landscape  160 pgs Standard Paper

Category  Fine Art Photography

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dmkilbride says

Box Elders are what we call them, taken from the tree name I guess. A box elder tree is a poor mans maple which can be tapped for syrup in the spring. The bugs seek out the south side of houses this time of year (for warmth) and crawl into what tiny holes they can find at night. They do get inside and slowly crawl around on stuff.

My wife hates them and smashes them, I just flick them off. The dogs eat them. We have always had them in this house for the past 30 years during the fall. I'm not as concerned with them as I am with ants which I will not tolerate and mice as you saw. Filthy stinky, chewing mice!!

posted at 06:02am Nov 03 PST


EverBGreen says

I meant to ask - what is the black and red beetle? I suddenly have them or a variant and am alarmed that I don't know what they are. I once saw a bag of wood chips that someone had thrown out and they were swarming. And so I am worried now that I have an invasion.

posted at 02:43am Nov 02 PST


EverBGreen says

Ha! I've now seen one of the expired denizens of Buck Mountain Chateau. Please disregard the suggestion that I be housekeeper while you are away. I absolutely love the first squirrel picture. I've taken hundreds of squirrel pictures (out a window near a feeder) and never seen one with the mouth open so adorably! On campfire shots, I've just discovered that if you take close-up of flame, there will be images in some of them (just as game with clouds). But they need to be flame rather than embers. I don't know where Fire Valley is but one of my favorite park visits surprisingly was Joshua Tree Park in California that had a similar landscape. Thanks for all the great images. You and I have very similar tastes but I lack your experience. I think this gives a great sense of self.

posted at 02:41am Nov 02 PST


AdoptionLove says

Hi! I saw your comment on the forums. I found your book that way. YOu got my vote. Beautiful pictures, esp the hummingbirds.

Check out my book when you get a chance.

Good luck-Rebecca

posted at 02:19pm Oct 31 PST


annekarnuth says

great photos.....keep going!

posted at 07:24pm Oct 24 PST

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