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All the images in this book were photographed during one 50 day driving trip to and through Alaska. Although most days were rainy, there was enough significant change in the weather to provide fantastic opportunities for landscape, close-up and wildlife photography.

I spent several days in each of these areas: Juneau, Haines, Denali, Ancorage, Kenai Peninsula, Katmai National Park, Valdez, and Hyder. The photos follow my route. Along the way I saw spring, summer and fall. My hope was to see glaciers and grizzly bears. As you will see, I was able to do both and much more. We have a beautiful Mother Earth ... love her ... as she loves you with wonder, joy and respect!


About the Author

Stacy Boorn
stacyboorn San Francisco, CA, USA

STACY BOORN has been a photographer and an ordained pastor for 22 years and now serves an emerging feminist congregation – Ebenezer/herchurch Lutheran in San Francisco. Both passions (thealogy and photography) developed together. Stacy considers her photography a form of visual spirituality. Presently her subject matter is primarily nature and fine art photography but she also seeks the beauty of the city and its surrounding diversity. Stacy is a past president of San Francisco’s Photochrome, a 70 year old slide/imaging society. and founder of A Woman’s Eye Gallery, a co-op of 5 photographers.

Her published images and articles have appeared in Bay Nature, Petersen's Photographic, Nature Photographer, Popular Photography, California Wild, GRIP, Earth Light, The Photographic Society of America Journal, and several contests. In addition to photography Stacy is developing a goddess rosary and “SHE Who Is” meditation for all faiths. VISIT

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Rowdydogjo says

An outstanding collection of Alaskan images- this from an Alaskan. If you want a coffee table book about Alaska I'd choose this one.

posted at 11:01am Nov 24 PST


b5ml says

Great book! i've just voted for it! If you get the chance to look at my book.. here is the link (, if you like please vote for my Iran - on the outside looking in...


posted at 05:48am Nov 07 PST


GMW39 says

Aaaaaaammmmaaazzzzzzzzzzzing, the excitement of nature and wildlife has been artistically captured from one of the the most beautiful places on.

posted at 04:52pm Oct 26 PST


whiskertug says

Sufficient adjectives escape me! A pleasure to view. I voted for you!

posted at 06:33pm Oct 25 PST


ehzimmerman says

Breathtaking! Wow.

posted at 06:25pm Oct 25 PST


jcool says

A personal photographic chronicle of a wet and wild adventure! Truly astounding.

posted at 04:57pm Oct 25 PST



Hello Stacy,
I am glad to be the first to vote for your book.
It is really great. I wish I was with you, to share the beauty of the Nature.
Very well done. Congratulations.

posted at 12:26pm Oct 25 PST


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