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About 35 years ago with my wife we went on a photographic safari. The trip lasted about 3 weeks. In that time period I took almost 700 photos (699 to be exact!). Back then 35mm slides were pretty much the only option. Those slides have been sitting in the drawer for all these years, except for the times when we've moved. After purchasing a scanner I began digitizing most of those slides. Back in the days of the 2" x 2" slide a way to make notes was to write captions on the slide's frame. Occasionally I would accidentally slip and make a mark on the slide itself. So, I took a course in Photoshop Elements and learned how to clean up mistakes like that.

Putting this book together was a fascinating trip down memory lane. We thoroughly enjoyed the trip back in the 70's and probably came close to enjoying it about as much this past year when I began putting together the narrative that accompanies this book.

I hope you enjoy looking at this book and reading about our trip. We enjoyed putting it together.


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Harold Way
HaroldWay Overland Park, KS USA

I recently retired from full-time employment. I've been in the library field for about 40 years --- both as a practicing librarian and as a sales-person, account executive, etc. in library market (database sales, data conversion, customer relationis/service, and sales management).

My wife (Joyce) passed away from ALS on Dec. 10, 2011. We had been married for nearly 48 years. We enjoed our time together and traveled a lot. I now live with my two loveable Burmese cats.

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