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Who is Arthur? Why must we remember him? Was he ever ordinary?

This book is an exploration of an artist's mind. Half-way between a luscious, sensual fantasy world and a mundane, fluoro-lit suburban reality exist feathered housewives, forgotten children and girls encased in gingerbread. It is they who populate these pages.

Fleur is a story teller and she uses every medium available to her – words, theatre, photography and modeling- to weave her tales. This is not simply a book of pretty pictures but a cry from the borderlands of conciousness where a battle is being waged between the imagination and the every day.


About the Author

Fleur Susannah Kilpatrick
Halohid Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Fleur is a 22 year old artist living and practicing in Melbourne. She has recently completed her post-graduate training in theatre direction at The Victorian College of the Arts under the guidance of Jenny Kemp.

She is a prolific model and photographer, working under the name 'Halohid', a theatre director, playwright, stage manager, lighting technician and scruffy hippie.

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Amane says

ooohh, ! I'm a fellow Blurbian of my dear Halohid!! *trés trés excited*
Well, I am glad to discover your real name, which is, btw, french! ^^

Your book does look great, and if I had the means to order it, I would do so right away (and even many copies to give around me to artists I know!)
It looks so full of great stories coming right from your inside, and I am eager to know what you have to reveal from your wonderfull personality! So I'll just continue to watch you on DA !

As always, wish you the best !

(Amane, or Music-Junky)

posted at 07:57am Nov 01 PST


cajero0 says

Looks Great Fleur, wonderfully presented

posted at 09:03pm Oct 31 PST


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