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Hello Everyone -
Thanks for checking out &/or voting for my book.

You Cannot Vote until Oct 23rd, 2009.

This book came out of nowhere, sort of like my beauteous Pug daughter, Maxine.
I have always loved dogs and animals & grew up with them, but later on in life - would always have a cat , because it was easier with small apts & as far as renting.

On July 10th 2005, I went to a Pet store with friends & what can I say ...I'm a softie & those who know me know its true.

I had a weak moment - & my friend/landlord was with me, cheering on the idea of me becoming Mommy to this tiny Pug puppy who just adopted me. LOL

& here I type, with my dog by my side.

Everyone, Introducing - my baby -
& she'll even teach you how to SMILE !

Meet .... The fabulous, comical
: )


About the Author

YDONTIFITIN Levittown, Long Island, New York - U.S.A.
41 ...& Life Has Only Just Begun ... Lil is short for Lillian. I don't care what you call me, Just call me . : ) It's been quite the Journey & The Saga Continues. As the stomach turns. LOL I've led a full life & it's been far from easy but I always survive & always will, because "I'm Just Me" ..."I'm Just Lil" I have a cat son and a dog daughter & what's better than that !!! I am the person who tries to make everyone laugh & usually succeeds. Laughter is the best medicine. I would love to attempt "stand up" comedy one day. I have been writing since I am 12 years old and find it most gratifying. Getting your thoughts out on paper is one of the best forms of "therapy" to let it all out. I'm a total "People" person. I am blessed with wonderful family & friends in high & low places. I get along with all walks of life and especially love children & animals. I can be quite serious but I'm a big kid at heart and a big goofball... I love Music, Reiki & Life

Publish Date  October 05, 2009

Dimensions  Small Square  40 pgs Standard Paper

Category  Pets

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Comments (42)


BrandonMilli says

Sorry neither of us got first, but it's cool that we both got in the top 15 right? LOL

posted at 03:14pm Nov 18 PST


darthfabry says

Nice idea and funny pictures, I like it!

posted at 02:19am Nov 17 PST


quaint says

maxine is such a cutey and with so much personality! i loved your book and how you designed it. the dog bone frames are terrific. love your writing, too! thank you for your nice words on ours. cindy

posted at 06:55am Nov 10 PST



Thank you all for your great comments - which really meant a lot to me & for your votes !
Maxine is lying here right next to me as I type always ! : )
Best Friends like this are a rarity & really hard to find.
The unconditional love & loyalty unsurpassed.
Best of luck to those in the contest & good luck in your future writing and/or photography endeavors ...
& to my awesome family & friends
Maxine & I hope to catch up with you before the yrs end & we love you lots ! ...
Be Well - Be Happy
: )

posted at 10:11pm Nov 08 PST


bobbalucy says

I love this book!!! It really warmed my heart:)

posted at 08:12pm Nov 08 PST


McCreedy5 says

Good Luck Lil!!

posted at 09:27am Nov 08 PST


slcarpy says

I wish you the best of luck in the contest. The book is great. Think it will be a christmas gift to myself this year. Hope life is treating you well. Talk again soon.


posted at 05:40am Nov 08 PST

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