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Sometimes in life, we make a wrong turn. If we ever figure that out, we are halfway home.

Eric and Taylor have made a few wrong turns.

The key question is: will they open their eyes in time?

Is the failure to choose a choice? Can reality be defined accidentally? For Eric and Taylor, are the answers to such questions lodged in the past or within themselves?

Enjoy this journey of self awareness...and self discovery.


About the Author

Trenton Tipton-Fletcher
Having written songs for a number of years as a hobby, the time has come to dust off, polish and build on a few decades of writing about joy, angst, introductions, endings and everything in between. For years, the music came first. If there was more to say, words followed. More recently, the words have led the way. They have become songs, poems or stories. A recent, favorite poem (unpublished) is called Phobic Collector. It refers to the dark persona we as writers/composers sometimes adopt to feed our creativity. It reflects a roving, detached surveyor of life and it’s details. As the dust comes off, I am enjoying these memoirs of and inspirations from … years of roving.

Publish Date  October 10, 2009

Dimensions  Pocket  114 pgs Black and White printing (on cream uncoated paper)

Category  Literature & Fiction

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Whether you're male or female embarking on a journey of self-awareness, or running from the tribulations of the repeated "what ifs" that haunt your psyche, "Denial Suite" is a literary walk through the deep seated & yet often "phobic" translations of Eric's love for Taylor in which we can all relate to at some point in our lives. Is love a choice to be made ... does it simply happen as circumstance ... or must we pave the way for its existence within our boundaries of mere happenstance? Eric & Taylor share an extraordinary bond ... is it enough to weld their hearts forever ... or is denial a force more foreboding than even love can overcome? This novella will leave you wanting for something more ... Curl up for an enchanting read that will leave you with both a smile ... & a tear ... for "Denial Suite" will be your next favorite "got to have" novella! Kudos to the author! When can we expect the sequel???

posted at 07:40pm Nov 05 PST


tjalyn02 says

..Memories of what may have been 'if only" sometimes guide us to where we are now. Would one have done things differently if given the opportunity? I recommend a blanket and a cup of what ever relaxes U as you are reminded of your own reflection of yesterdays love. Good read.

posted at 01:30pm Oct 21 PST


MykoThomas says

Iam not usually a reader and this boook definitely kept my intrest. I would recommend reading this book so you can follow the characters as their journey unfolds. GET YOUR COPY TODAY!

posted at 08:55am Oct 21 PST


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