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A portfolio of 101 western wildflower images created by photographers Rob Badger and Nita Winter over the past 15 years while they have traveled on our public lands. These series have been made in the deserts of the Southwestern USA, the mountains of California and Colorado and in Rob and Nita's "backyard" in the coastal hills north of San Francisco.

Rob, an internationally awarded nature and environmental photographer, has focused on capturing the essence of the land, as well as, intimate portraits of individual plants and flowers.

Nita, an internationally recognized people photographer, has joined Rob in the field to photograph flowers while they are still attached to the plant using natural light only.

Their collaboration has resulted in this unique and varied series of wildflowers found on our public lands in the Western US during our extended growing season from February to October.


About the Author

Rob Badger and Nita Winter
robbadger Marin City/Sausalito, California United States
For 40 years Rob has created images of the natural world for a wide variety of clients, collectors and art buyers. His extensive collection of nature photographs (geographically and seasonally diverse) range from dramatic, complex and colorful, to soft and subtle. His mastery of light and color, and his ability to emotionally portray the essence of a place in time, has won him international awards for his Antarctica series, and “Best in Journalism” for his evocative environmental photography, work that is simultaneously beautiful and disturbing and a 2009 BBC/British Museum of Natural History POY Wildlife competition award for a spectacular wildflower image. Rob’s nature and environmental images have appeared in calendars, books, newspapers and national and international magazines. Nita Winter, an internationally awarded people photographer, has joined Rob in the field to collaborate with him to create a unique and varied series celebrating western wildflowers on our public lands.

Comments (3)


mmaeve says

Great job!

posted at 06:46am Jun 19 PST


docuguy says

Beautiful work - incredible variety. Really evokes the feeling of being in nature.

posted at 06:42pm Jun 15 PST


robbadger says

A great book for LIFE lovers.
A nature celebration.

Lynka, Canada

posted at 06:37pm Oct 12 PST


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