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Mention Ethiopia and inevitably the images conjured up are of drought, desert and famine. Beyond this media-generated stereotype however is an extraordinary country with a civilisation stretching back millennia, a unique culture and religion in the only African country never to be colonised and a natural landscape with some of Africa's most beautiful features.

This book tells the story and shows the images of a journey through the historical circuit of northern Ethiopia, revealing the hidden and remarkable treasures of this misunderstood land, including the wondrous rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, the medieval castles in Gonder, the spectacular Simien Mountains and the Blue Nile Falls.


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Roddy Walsh
RoddyWalsh Canterbury, UK

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globalism says

Your enthusiasm for your subject clearly shines through in this work. It's good to see an author here also providing more detail about their subject. Lovely photos too! Got my vote. (must go to those mountains some day)

posted at 04:46pm Nov 01 PST


rleenders says

One of my best friends is from Ethiopia. I'll have to bring this book to her attention. Nice work! I voted for you.
Please consider my book ("Lobbus") in your selection for voting.

posted at 04:41am Oct 30 PST


EverBGreen says

I'm learning so much from clicking through these books. Now if only someone asks me about the medieval castle in Gonder, I'm ready! As I drift off to sleep tonight, I'm expecting my thoughts to jumble and I'll think I've actually been to all these wonderful places. Thanks for your hard work in presenting it to everyone and god bless this wonderful technology that makes it so readily available.

posted at 07:25pm Oct 26 PST

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