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lindsayames says

lol! those pictures are great!
i am voting for your book!
come see mine and vote if you like it.. and even if you dont ;)

posted at 06:50pm Nov 07 PST



Nice book. Well done.
You got my vote.

posted at 06:05am Nov 07 PST


janetgoldenb says

Love your cats. I met a photographer yesterday who had a Spaniel who he had never photographed so nice to see you capture your pets.
Take a look at my book in the travel category A Cat Abroad on the Streets of Heidelberg

posted at 09:25am Nov 06 PST


redhughes says

Awesome Photos! Can we come and play - check us out at:
Many furball licks, rubs & hugs: Bob Meowzer, the Hissing Divas & AJ (I'm out-numbered by cats too. . .)

posted at 07:02am Nov 04 PST


hookkids says

Hello Shannon
Cute title and cute book love the mixture of colored and black and whites .I also liked the one of Simba with her tongue out . Ruby can stick his tongue out pretty far to . Loved the one of sooty where his eyes match the green grass pretty serious look . Great Job.
Please check out my daughters first book ( Underneath the carribbean moon ) by Lauren Bullers . Thank You . You got my vote # 8

posted at 08:36pm Nov 03 PST


nnarang says

adorable.. and hilarious! i love the one of simba with her tongue out. my pup's name was simba, RIP, i miss him. you got my vote :)


posted at 12:55pm Nov 02 PST


Boogich says

Love the black and white shots! I voted!

Please take a look at my travel book, The Italian Holga Experiment

posted at 07:07am Oct 30 PST

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