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This story can begin in the darkness. There is a dungeon in St. Jean Pied de Port, the last French village on the way to Santiago de Compostela. Inside a claustrophobic cell I can barely discern my own shadow. I am alone in this dark room of suffering. Then my breath echoes against the dense stone walls. Aaah. I am reminded of the sound aum. I say the mantra given to me as a child. Every morning my grandmother repeated this mantra as her fingers travelled along the rosary. She died before I could learn her language, but she always smiled to me and she gave me a ring and a mantra. I close my eyes now and see before me the perfect circle and repeat the mantra. Suddenly, I glimpse, already here, something eternal and indescribably beautiful.


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vikram kolmannskog
vikramok Oslo, Norway

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danielofrank says

This is truly a beautiful portrayal of one mans pilgrimsjourney to Santiago. Through devout words you can feel the writers pain and relief. The central theme of facing demons and drive all fear away through love of God truly inspire the reader to deal with his own weakness, fear, and above all connection with God. Another central part of this book deals the subject letting ego pass aside, asking for forgiveness and show gratitude for all the wonders of the world. I highly recommend this wonderful book!

posted at 05:39am Jan 12 PST


Stockhausen says

A book like this is a thing of rare beauty. An incandescent account of one mans spiritual journey along the route to Santiago de Compostela. It effortlessly opens up the reader to see the majesty of their own soul. The writer’s gift is his generosity to show us that it is our humanity, are perceived failures, our history, our love, our fears and our desires for the future that make us the unique, yet ultimately connected souls that we are. All of us are on our own journey to self actualisation. All of us will eventually come face to face with ourselves and our God. In the mean time, we were privileged enough to accompany the writer on such a journey. Highly recommended.

posted at 03:52pm Nov 18 PST


StStorm says

This is probably the most beautiful Blurb book I have come across so far. Far more than a travelogue, this is also a poem that takes me on a metaphysical journey through spiritual landscapes. Reading it, I am confronted with my own demons, my own endless worries about past sins and potential disasters in the future. The book is not so much about Santiago, and I am reminded that the walk through life itself is my destination. If only for the few hours I spend reading the book, I arrive with every new page. I recommend this book to everyone!

posted at 02:01pm Oct 21 PST

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