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For quite some time now I've been receiving emails from friends, family, and fans requesting I put some of my paintings and words into a book. I've hesitated thinking, "Don't you have to be at the end of your career, a true professional, to write a book?" But then, with the encouragement of my mom, I realized that it might be fun to take someone on my journey of becoming. So even though I still feel like I’m at the tip of the iceberg, the start of the road, the first chapters of my journey, I believe it’s in the process that we learn the most. And so I hope this book, a humble offering, will be an inspiration to you in your own process of becoming.


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Jenedy Paige
jenedypaige California

I didn’t grow up thinking I would be an artist. In fact, I didn’t even try oil painting until my junior year of college. I went through most of my teenage years thinking I would be a pianist, a teacher, or a writer. But then at 17, due to a rather life-altering sequence of events, art sort of found me.

I then studied art at BYU-Idaho. At first, college was really overwhelming. I was at the bottom of the talent totem pole, and I had a lot of catching up to do, so I went to God for help. I had faith that He would magnify my efforts and turn me into the artist I desired to be. I worked as hard as I could, and prayed even harder, and graduated in 2006.

I now live in California, and have a wonderful husband, and a beautiful son. I'm still giving all I can to becoming a better artist, while juggling motherhood. I’ve just begun my conversation to the world, and I have great dreams for the future. I hope that I’ll be able to capture the world’s attention and share my light with them.

Publish Date  October 14, 2009

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beckielboo says

I am an ardent fan of Jenedy Paige. The first painting I ever bought spoke to me in a way no other painting has ever done. My collection is now approaching 300 and that first painting, Letting Light In by Jenedy Paige is still my most beloved piece. I now have three of Jenedy's paintings.

Jenedy's ability to translate inate goodness into her paintings makes her one of few truly great artists. Jenedy captures radiance and spreads it on the canvas like no other modern artist I've come across. But in addition to being brilliant at her craft, her faith and kindness are even more brilliant. Jenedy has so kindly corresponded with me and never fails to be uplifting. Perhaps someday I will have the honor of meeting her in person.

Now, I look forward to the arrival of Jenedy's book. It will be a treasure I will appreicate for both her art and her heart.

Beckie Saar Leone

posted at 09:01pm Oct 16 PST


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