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The 27 photographs in this book were taken by Janin in 2008, during the summer season, while visiting various locations in France, predominantly in the Eastern region of Lorraine.
Photographs are produced using six handmade cameras. These unique cameras are loaded with black & white traditional photographic paper, which produce negative images on paper. After development, the negative images are scanned and edited as positive images.
The juxtaposition of three supposedly identical pictures one to another creates a panoramic landscape that doesn’t exist in reality but that’s still bound to this reality. Once the created landscape has emerged from the editing process in both the darkroom and lightroom, it brings back to surface clues and evidences – or samples – of the place visited.

"The Substance beneath the Visible" photographic project was initiated in 2006 in Cambodia, where Janin used to live. Janin has since continued to produce images from the United States where he has lived and from France where he currently resides.

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A book from the American collection will come out soon…

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About the Author

Stéphane Janin
mondolkiri Narbonne, South of France

1968: France, 1986-92: cinema studies, 90s-2000s: travel Cambodia, photography, 90s: photography, teaching art/media, 2004-2007: live Cambodia, created photo gallery, photography, teaching, 2007: United States, photography, exhibition director, teaching. 2010: back living in France, teaching art/media, photography...

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