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This body of work is merely a snowflake on the tip of the iceberg that makes up the collections at Mount Holyoke College. Nearly every department, spread across the campus, has a historical collection that has been developed over the years. Not only are these collections preserved for historical purposes, but they are also used as teaching tools, giving the students a first hand experience in their studies. Students can learn from theses objects by holding them or closely studying them, not by viewing images in a book or the light from a projector.

My goal was to approach the objects almost as portraits, finding the uniqueness in the subject and to show the objects in their environment, as students have seen them for years. I wanted the images to have a timeless quality that would draw upon the object's past, while looking forward to the future of the Mount Holyoke student. Someday, current students' research about and exploration of these objects will continue to add to the history and knowledge that make up this educational community.


About the Author

James Gehrt
jgehrt Easthampton, MA, USA

I have been carrying a camera with me for 25 years. I shoot the things in life, were I am. The subjects are usually not beautiful on their own, but somehow strike me by the beauty found in their commonality. Not the extraordinary, but the ordinary. Simple, usually quiet subjects that may go unnoticed. Black and white because, I guess that is the way I see. To me, my images feel a bit sad, a bit strange, a bit interesting, and the subjects, somehow unique. I hope you enjoy and thank you for visiting.

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dolunaykiz says

Thx. RU on Twitter?

posted at 06:46pm Oct 16 PST


jgehrt says

Thanks, these images were mostly shot with a Nikon D90 or a Canon G9. There are a few from film on a Contax G1. It has been a gradual transition to digital format while maintaining the feel of tri-x in my Contax.

posted at 07:40am Oct 16 PST


dolunaykiz says

I just saw you left me a comment about my book - which prompted me to look at yours. I can only return the praises. LOVE your eye, especially when it comes to reinterpreting what others would likely regard as mundane subjects (for example the shoes) in a new and exciting way. What camera are you using?

posted at 06:33am Oct 16 PST

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