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Man About My Love Vol. 14

Is love still relevant in this age of materialism? When tricked out whips, benjamins, video vixens and six pacs rule the airwaves, you have to search hard for something real, something profound, something you can feel. But, it still exists disguised sometimes by outward fake appearances, brick walls for protection, casual sex, bedroom freaks...but it's there. Don't be afraid to take a risk....

Love, life and sex...
It's amazing how 3 words are so intertwined. How that fuse together all the time. Living or existing, being or ending, chaos, or serenity, bliss, depression, ecstasy, or death. So many outcomes are possible from such few words. The decisions, people we allow into our lives help shape the results and experiences...Choose warned.

Step up with the Grown n Sexy...

Man About My Love Vol 14


About the Author

Cavenaugh Photography
cavenca San Francisco Bay Area

Northern CA based published freelance photographer and project manager with over 17 yrs experience focusing on lifestyle photography using real people in natural settings, natural lighting.

I capture the sensual realism in our lives of men and women. It's that untapped sex appeal that's we each have but often times overlooked. The shots in my port have not been enhanced and the majority of models having never been shot prior as I love realism period in all respects. As I've learned from the focus group I had for MOC V1...people want and crave realism in photography and life. Plainly put...Photoshop is not on my list of to do items after a photoshoot. An agency wants to see the real you, not a manufactured you that doesn't match you in person. My shots are reality...what I capture is what you see, no chasers.

Projects: Coffeetable books Men of Color
-MOCV1 (Published 11/08)
-MOCV2 (Published 11/08)
-MOCV3 Shadows (Published 12/08)
-Man About My Love: Poetry Published 12/08

Publish Date  October 16, 2009

Dimensions  Pocket  98 pgs Black and White printing (on cream uncoated paper)

Category  Poetry

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