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For the thirty days of September, artist and photojournalist Adam Milner met a new person and took their portrait. The book gives photographical glimpses into the lives of these thirty strangers.


About the Author

Adam Milner
iamadam Boulder, Colo.

Adam Milner is an artist, journalist, student, photographer, writer, designer, documentarian, pedestrian, and tea-drinker, living in Boulder, Colorado.

Publish Date  October 16, 2009

Dimensions  Small Square  72 pgs   Premium Paper, matte finish

Category  Arts & Photography

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ssparling says

The piece “Strangers” by Adam Milner is a collection of interesting and engaging faces the photographer has taken while out and about in Boulder, Colorado. Milner’s work with strangers seems very intentional and shows incredible range and an impressive variety of people and personalities. The photographer’s approach to fine arts book making has been very well executed through the use of simplistic design styles and techniques in order to create an appropriate space for each portrait.
I really enjoyed Milner’s portraits because they seem honest and faithful to each individual in how he chose to capture and present them with respect and dignity. His work also serves as a stage on which to converse about societal relationships with people who live in close proximity and may even share communities with us and our families yet remain strangers. To initiate this dialogue, as a viewer I almost want “sound-bites” or text for each individual. This text could say the exact location of each encounter or an interesting fact or profound thing those individuals might have said. This way, each stranger remains a unknown to the viewer, and the pieces as a whole come together more coherently because we now understand what drew Milner to these individuals and in many ways how each person is more than just a face in Boulder, but one with a voice and experience.
Even still, I cannot give Milner enough praise for this gutsy piece of work! His project was well thought out and successfully put together. I want to see more of these strangers and hear more of their stories! Hopefully more work to come from Adam Milner.

posted at 06:15am Nov 03 PST


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