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Models & Urban Decay juxtaposes models against an environment of urban, abandoned, and mostly forgotten locations.

I initially began working in these locations because I felt they served as a visually stimulating counterpoint to the model. Over time, I became interested in each decayed, rusty place as a subject in its own right, a relic of our recent past. I would occasionally come across evidence of previous inhabitants—a hand-written memo, a company picnic sign-up sheet, or perhaps a typed letter of reprimand from boss to employee—and find myself imagining the scene as it once must have been, alive with bustling workers and cranking machinery.

When I explore a location for the first time, I am often struck by the extent of the decay that occurs over a relatively short period. It is an apt testament to the fleeting and delicate nature of youth, and so I can think of no more appropriate environment in which to memorialize youthful energy, beauty, and vigor. Frozen in the photograph, the model is the statue of a modern ruin.


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topgun21 says

I know exactly what you mean about the beauty in the decay. Most people overlook it and forget about the things that occurred in these buildings.
I got to shoot in an old school built in 1855 in Flint, MI and I found myself being distracted by thinking "how many kids traveled through these halls" all those years and what they did with their lives.

posted at 05:11pm Jan 20 PST


hightrainman says

I think your book is beautiful and I love your contrast of backdrops oh and of course the models; maybe you could give them my details!!!!

posted at 11:18am Dec 13 PST


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