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We are Rebecca, Romeo, and Francis!

If you are pregnant and thinking about adoption, our Chicago area family may be one to consider. We are eager to adopt a child - or twins!

View our book. And visit us - at

If you like our book please vote for us. If we win, all proceeds will go to our own adoption fund. We are hoping to add to our family soon.


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AdoptionLove Chicago
We are a Chicago family hoping to add to our family through adoption. Please vote for our book. If we win all proceeds will be used to defray the cost of our adoption. Thanks!

Comments (46)


artdaddy says

what a nice book and a wonderful gift for your kids when they grow up.
I wish my adoption story was so nice, when i found my bio parents they were (back of the yard) and just as nuts as my adopted family.
your cover shot is my fav spot off North Ave. beach.
hugs to both of you, a j epstein

posted at 02:18pm Jul 08 PST


neilafrance says

very cool

posted at 09:49am Jul 05 PST


neilafrance says

very cool

posted at 09:49am Jul 05 PST


AdoptionLove says

Many thanks to all our friends, family and new friends. All your love and support during our adoption journey has warmed our hearts.
Prayers and peace to all-
Rebecca, Romeo and Francis

posted at 10:30am Nov 12 PST


jennyuga says

i just wanted to see if you made it in the top 15. i'm hoping so!

posted at 06:32pm Nov 10 PST


zfbm says

lovely book! wish you the best!!

posted at 10:49am Nov 09 PST


katsroom says

Hi, Great book and beautiful family. I wish you and your family all best with the adoption! Myself im adopted too:D
I just voted for you! And thanks for your comment on my book!

posted at 04:22pm Nov 08 PST


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