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Trail Tails chronicles the outdoor adventures of photographer Sarah Ause's pack of canine friends.
Rescued dogs are photographed here celebrating the freedom of life off the leash. They careen across full-color pages in joyous abandon, highlighting not only the animals themselves, but the dazzling landscapes that the American west is revered for.

NOTE: If you'd like to buy this book, I'd prefer you got the updated version, as this one prints a bit dark for my taste (you probably wouldn't even notice it, but I'm a perfectionist and do). You can find that here: Thanks!


About the Author

Sarah Ause Kichas
saussie the desert
Sarah Ause is an award-winning photographer who left her life as a newspaper photojournalist to go play with animals all day instead. As a staff photographer at Best Friends Animal Society, she spends her days being continuously overdosed with cuteness while taking photos of furry and feathered friends in need of homes.

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saussie says

I'm not sure what kind of monitor you're looking at, but I assure you, my photos in this book are not out of focus. I do shoot with a shallow depth of field, but that is very different from being out of focus... but hey, that's coming from a full-time professional photographer who has been published by National Geographic (many times). I'm totally open to criticism, but not when it doesn't make sense!

posted at 02:16pm Aug 05 PST


onggi says

I felt for a winner, there were far too many photos out of focus, but that comes from a retired art and photography teacher.

posted at 01:55pm Aug 05 PST


saussie says

thanks everyone, for your votes and kind words!

posted at 01:18pm Nov 19 PST


rleenders says

I really thought you would have been the winner

posted at 06:42am Nov 19 PST


janetgoldenb says

Foo Fighters has a song For All the Cows that i love. After seeing this book I think they ought to write one For All the Dogs. Nice to see them roam and have fun.
Take a look at my cat books if you like A Cat Abroad on the Streets of Heidelberg, But I Thought I was Mommy's Baby and Feline Fractals Fantasy.

posted at 11:10am Nov 13 PST


jvillasis says

you got my vote!

wonderful! please take a look at my book and vote if you like:

Vietnam Up Close:

posted at 08:04pm Nov 09 PST


alisontravel says

Great Photographs! You have my vote!

posted at 10:53am Nov 09 PST


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