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It all began in 1962 when a 15 year old artist who was fascinated by the Space Race, created an ambitious oil painting depicting various aspects of Astronaut John Glenn’s orbital flight in Friendship 7 and succeeded in presenting it to him personally. Ten years later, Chief Warrant Officer Chet Jezierski was an Army helicopter pilot and a veteran of the Vietnam war with two Purple Hearts. He became aware of the NASA Art Program during the exciting period of time when the manned missions to the moon were being conducted. In 1972, after submitting samples of his work for evaluation, Chet was invited to join a select few artists given the opportunity to be present, witness and to document America’s leap into space first hand, under the guidance and jurisdiction of the agency. It would turn into a 16 year relationship. Repeated access to astronauts and launch pads was made possible by clearances only granted to official NASA Artists, and he compiled a large volume of works interpreting his up-close observations. Many of his contributions were self-motivated and not as a result of documenting any specific mission. His first assignment from Program Director James Dean put him on a team scheduled to visit the Kennedy Space Center in Florida for the launch of Apollo 16. To this day, he feels lucky to have watched and felt one of the giant Saturn V rockets come to life and thunder skyward. That was followed by the important job of solo artist aboard the Recovery Carrier Ticonderoga awaiting the Pacific splashdown of Apollo 17’s Command Module. As the Space Shuttle era progressed during the 1980’s, new Program Director Bob Schulman asked him to document three launches, including the first at night. An added honor was being assigned to cover the crew of STS-4 as they suited up on the morning of take-off. The body of work he accomplished is comprised of on-site sketches, finished drawings and paintings created in his studio. A number of these have been included in exhibitions at the National Air & Space Museum, the Permanent Art Gallery at the Kennedy Space Center and on Art Train’s two year “Artistry of Space” tour. For this portfolio the artist selected favorite pieces he feels best portray what he has experienced, accompanied by photos showing him at work on location during actual assignments.


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Publish Date  October 20, 2009

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neonblue says

Dear Chet,
I dearly remember the nights my parents woke me up and dragged me from my bed to witness these wonderful events. Later, I circumnavigated the States with a copy of The Right Stuff, visiting the Kennedy Space Centre and Houston, taking pictures and watching a launch myself.
I am an artist myself now, and in every respect I find your book and art tremendous. It is both a wonderful dip into nostalgia and a surprising discovery of your art for me.
I particularly love the cover piece. I am so jealous of your remarkable place in the history of such an exciting time and of your undeniable artisitic talent.
thanks for it all.
yours truly, Ian Dunlop.

posted at 07:47pm Nov 06 PST


vonne67 says

Why go to the moon if you have Bali? Check out my book Bali Terimakasi and maybe your favorite trip is not as far:-)
Yvonne (Holland)

posted at 02:09pm Nov 06 PST


ThomasHooper says

great book, awesome paintings. it would be amazing as a hard cover image wrap option.
good luck.

posted at 04:02am Nov 06 PST


hookkids says

Hello Beardie
All I can say is Wow . what a work of art , Great title to
Please check out my daughters first book if you like it please give her a vote . ( Underneath the caribbean Moon ) by Lauren Buller

posted at 10:23pm Oct 31 PST


lindarjoer says

Great book!! No wonder it was chosen among so many books as "Staff Pick". I will forward your book's link to all my Space Pics lover friends....
Now, come and "ESCAPE TO PARADISE"
Linda - Travel Category contestant

posted at 07:45am Oct 31 PST


b5ml says

GOD! ive never seen anything like this! wow! i never expected such a interesting piece of work, i must so its totally different to all the book on Blurb, it must be nice to have this book, one thing i must say though.. i coldnt get enough of it! only if you can add this to the travel section for the blurb contest... ive entered mind if you like it and you think its worth a vote... i will appreciate you vote :) Musa

posted at 03:16pm Oct 26 PST


daviddye says

I enjoyed your book. please look at mine.
David Dye

posted at 02:22pm Oct 25 PST

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