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Whilst contemporary Japan has gained a reputation for hyperactive excess, it is in juxtaposition to an ancient culture of stillness and serenity. This quiet foundation that everyday Japanese life is built upon spoke profoundly to us in our travels - much louder than the cliched game shows and ubiquitous karaoke halls and pachinko parlours - and it is the true soul of Japan that we have tried to capture in these images.
There is an index at the end of the book with locations of each photograph.


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Anthony Casarotto
sircurry Perth, WA, Australia

Publish Date  October 20, 2009

Dimensions  Standard Landscape  116 pgs Standard Paper

Category  Travel

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Comments (26)


saffronhue says

This is the most beautiful book in the Travel category. Your photos are poetically depicted with great respect for the culture. I sincerely love it. Thanks for sharing your work of art.

posted at 09:44pm Nov 07 PST


adriantune says

This is a fascinating look at Japan, capturing the people coexisting with their surroundings. I love how you were able to show both the human story and still glimpse the environment they live in.

If you get a chance, take a look at Italian book.

posted at 02:18pm Nov 07 PST


janetgoldenb says

Thank you for my introduction to Japan. Beautiful pictures.
Take a look at my books if you like A Cat Abroad on the streets of Heidelberg and in the pet category But I Thought I was mommy's baby and Feline Fractals Fantasy

posted at 06:33am Nov 06 PST


ublil says

A very well deserved vote! The composition of the photos through out the book is consistently well thought of.

posted at 02:15pm Nov 04 PST


MarilynJB says

Anthony, I love your book it gives me the feeling of spiritual homesickness and longing to go there. Your writing is a really good quality too. beautiful work.

posted at 11:41am Nov 04 PST


huntsman-m says

Japan is beautiful and so are your pictures! I voted! I'm in the family category, if you have a chance to look. Once again, beautiful!

posted at 07:18pm Nov 03 PST


hookkids says

Hello Anthony :
All I can say is wow thank you for showing me Japan . Loved the picture with all the umbrellas , Also loved the cherry blossoms and the snowcapped mountain . Stunning photos
You took me on a tour thank You
Please let my daughter take you on a tour of the caribbeans in her first book . please check out ( Underneath the caribbean Moon ) by Lauren Bullers . Thanks again

posted at 06:03pm Nov 03 PST


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