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"Michelle Earle sees objects in a clearer light than most people. She feels emotions at depths most people have never known. Then — the thing that makes her special — she translates what she sees and feels into art and poetry so true that we, her audience, are given a glimpse of life." ~Tim Sandlin, author of eight novels, including the GroVont trilogy and "Rowdy in Paris"

""Metaphorphosis" is a colorful composition that continuously awakens my senses and is a glorious addition to my personal art collection. One word to describe this coffee table book: ALIVE!" ~Damaris, Sepia 7 Photography, Atlanta, GA

"Misha understands that "language" is photo-visual, musical, written, spoken, and never mastered. It is magic. It is life. Misha is an explorer of the many forms taken by what we call language. She is a fluent interpreter, a versatile student of "teachings" known or yet to find us, and evidently revels in the seek and share of truthism." ~ Rick Tyrrell, aka "Art Carcass"

"This collection of gentle poetry and startlingly beautiful art eases the mind into contemplation and reverie." ~ Tony Vigorito, author of "Nine Kinds of Naked" and "Just a Couple of Days"

"Michelle Earle's "Metaphorphosis" combines images and words in exquisite balance and harmony, to create a delight for the senses and a salve for the soul. This book not only provides you with gorgeous artwork to view and uplifting poetry to read, it presents you with an environment to enter into and explore, an all-encompassing experience both aesthetic and spiritual, a world you will want to visit again and again and again." ~ Lance Strate, author of "Echoes and Reflections" and Professor of Communication and Media Studies, Fordham University


About the Author

Mama, Mom, Mommy, Michelle, Misha, Bean, Misha Bean, ‘chelle, hey lady!...this muse loving expressionist answers to just about anything but is especially apt to respond to inspiration, beauty and laughter. She resides in Northern Kentucky with her husband, two children, two kittens, and her funny dog, Bob Barker. She can also be found at:

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gandalfina says

What a beautiful testament to life in all its forms . . . a realization of magic. :)

posted at 02:27am Oct 22 PST

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