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This book was created with much care, thought and love, to help children who were, on one day in their lives, adopted.

It is part photo journal, part scenes from two different decades in China, and mostly a work created for our daughter and her Chinese 'sisters' worldwide.

Note: I can customize this book to include photos of your child with .jpg photos you send.
(model release needed if you want your book to be public, rather than private). It can be done in a smaller size format too.


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Publish Date  October 22, 2009

Dimensions  Large Format Landscape  20 pgs Standard Paper

Category  Children

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AdoptionLove says

Another follow up - as I page through other books on this site there seems to be a mismatch on many two-page picture spreads. It is very slight and almost unnoticeable on many of the books. Many of the books were created by professional designers/photographers. This leads me to an even stronger belief that you comment about our pictures not lining up perfectly is just a preview problem with blurb.
Good luck to you.

posted at 08:33am Nov 02 PST


AdoptionLove says

Rocklobsta-You have a keen eye. I asked Romeo about the dance spread. He said it is an issue with the way Blurb presented the book preview digitally. The picture lines up on booksmart and on the printed version.

Thanks for your support. We are working with Family Resource Center in Chicago for a domestic adoption.

posted at 08:57am Oct 30 PST


AdoptionLove says

Very touching book. Please check out my adoption profile book "Rebecca, Romeo, and Francis" in the family category. Vote for it if you like it.

posted at 12:28pm Oct 28 PST


Rocklobsta says

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment. Good to hear from you!

posted at 09:13am Oct 25 PST


MamaSara says

I have no idea who you are, but your book brought tears to my eyes. I've always wanted to adopt, and I visited China my final semester of university. Thank you for creating this book.

posted at 10:35pm Oct 24 PST


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