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Tales of our stray Manx cat "Bob Meowzer" - as told thru Bob Meowzer's eyes. Life is totally awesome!
From stray to ruling his estate - Bob is full of character and adventure and living life LARGE!


About the Author

Red Hughes
redhughes Montverde, Florida USA
Math - not my thing. Anything creative - my thing. Add in a furball and it's the best. Avid animal rescuer - all our pets have been rescues - sucker for those eyes. Started with adopting & rescueing huge dogs : St. Bernards & Newfoundlands, then a cat adopted us - of all places DisneyWorld - we blamed it on the Irish beers - but Mickey O'Mouser came home with us. Since then we have had 3 other cats : including Bob Meowzer - a stray Manx cat that showed up on our porch a few months after we lost Mickey. We are convinced that Bob is Mickey in a new body - Bob moved in and continued where Mickey left off. I hope Bob's story puts a smile on your face and remember all strays deserve a great home! Thanks for your vote and reading Bob's story. The first in a series of our adopted furballs.

Publish Date  October 22, 2009

Dimensions  Small Square  20 pgs Premium Paper, matte finish

Category  Pets


Comments (12)


Friend2Cats says

What a great story about a very lucky kitty who got rescued, and how much animals bring to our lives. Red Hughes has generously donated a copy of this book to our central Ohio non-profit organization, Colony Cats (& dogs), for our cat adoption center's resource library. It will help us raise awareness about the plight of strays and what wonderful companions animals are. Thank you, Red!

posted at 05:49pm Apr 20 PST


luckycharm says

I LOVED the book!! It was a pheno-MEOW-nal story! Bob seems like the luckiest kitty in the whole world! Hugs...

posted at 06:21pm Nov 09 PST


redhughes says

Thanks for the info on Catster - I'm there - Meow! Bob Meowzer (Manx)

posted at 10:40am Nov 08 PST


manxmamma says

Nothing more exciting than a Manx Tale! MOL
Is Bob on Catster? Great place for him to socialize.
Bob got my Vote!

posted at 07:29am Nov 08 PST



Very nice book. Lovely.
Well done.
It should have more votes.
I voted for it.

posted at 06:23am Nov 07 PST


redhughes says

Meow - Thanks for reading my tale (short like a Manx's tail - meow pun).
I'm so grateful you all enjoyed my tales and I look forward to more tales in my totally awesome life. Plus, new tales coming soon about my other furball friends - so stay in touch. Meow - ahhhh the Purrrrrrrrrrrrrfect life!
Rubs & licks - Bob "MicBob" Meowzer

posted at 07:19am Nov 04 PST


redhughes says

What you could see me? I was hiding! - Bob Meowzer

posted at 06:43am Nov 04 PST


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