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The UPROOTED SHADOW is a book of
art that covers a period from 1969 to 2009.
This art is about a synthesis of mixed
media over a 40 year period. Starting with photography in the late 1960's and leading
to painting in the late 1970's.
The culmination of this art finally took
form in the late 1990's as technology
allowed a vision to integrate itself with previous media explorations.
These explorations leading to current mixed media are both formative, due to the introduction of new tools, and cumulative of work being produced since 1969.
Explorations that weren't possible prior to
this millennium were now opening the unexplored territory of a new media.
To impose your will on the mechanical and
to see what is revealed by the
implements of the new century was
the new found challenge. As in all things,
the process of working through these
challenges hoping to lead to a new
understanding and enlightenment.
This book represents a path in
working thru those challenges.


About the Author

Philip Rebstock
reb7 Houston Texas

Philip Rebstock is currently working as
a mixed media artist in the Houston, Texas
area. His work combines elements of
painting, photography and collage. The
use of current technologies, both
printing techniques and computers, are
incorporated into a very personal vision.
A vision which has its basis in that auspices beginning with a harmonograph in 1965.
Philip"s background, in art, stated with the study of photography at a Texas
University in the 70's. Latter , moving to
Louisiana to continue his MFA studies.
This led to a study of painting for the
next 15 years.
At the end of this time, a new vision was forming. Influenced thru changes experienced with new and upcoming technologies in computers and printing. The product of this vision is a synthesis in mixed media.

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