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A book of poetry about life and love and relationships.


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Dave Worthen
8DaveWonder Clearwater

Publish Date  October 27, 2009

Dimensions  Standard Portrait  34 pgs   Standard Paper

Category  Poetry

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peciacake says

Take a copy of Dave's book with you and read it out loud with the one you love. Look at them as you read and tell them with your eyes what's in your heart. Tell them using Dave's words and your eyes. Tell them again, and again and again, each page a new way of saying 'I love you'

posted at 01:51pm Dec 27 PST


mosuga4me says

If you are hiding from yourself, you are revealed in his words. If feel with your eyes and not in action, he has seen it. If you wonder about your dreams and their reality, he has written it. If your reality is mundane and your vision is a grand and passionate symphony, he has composed it and is playing it for all. If you don't understand what he has written.... you are lost to yourself.
Read "Romantic....Everyday" again and again and again. Then your path to your passion for the enjoyment of simple things....... will be a read and a breath away.............
The volume of my thanx you already know........Well done you ~Dave

posted at 11:37am Dec 18 PST


Rolling says

Just one peek of the first few pages and I'm away... falling in love all over again. My husband needs to read this!! Beautiful written poetry. Thank you!!!

posted at 09:19pm Dec 14 PST


Simply_Awed says

After reading Wonder's poetry, I have been reduced to pure, raw, unadulterated emotion. His poems have made me laugh, made me hot, made me cry. His talent is evident in his ability to change the narrator's point of view from poem to poem. He is an idealist but yet somehow he truly understands what love, lust, happiness are. I found myself many times applying his poems to my life, and how I know exactly what he felt and what he meant at that moment, and longing to feel that way again. I've not only fallen in love with Wonder and his beautiful verses, but I've fallen in love with myself again.

posted at 10:24am Dec 04 PST


Salara67 says

Dave Wonder~!! What a beautiful gift of poetry you share ...its amazing how you can touch a soul with words. Anyone who reads your poetry can feel these emotions. These poems are for friends that love each other. This is more than a casual acquaintance. This is about friends that will do anything for each other. The relationship has passed almost into the realm of a blood relative. Lucky are those who have developed such friendships. They should be as careful with them as if they are handling the most delicate of things. These relationships are rare and only exist between people who have an inherent soul connection. There are few people lucky enough to form this kind of relationship. Dave touches all of this in his poems~ a very gifted writer!!

posted at 01:40pm Dec 02 PST


sundewness says

Dave Wonder!
You should also give us a way to make your poetry into wall art! It is so beautiful! Let us choose one of your poems and either your picture choice or our own uploaded.
I LOVE YOUR EMOTION! It is sometimes a gentle breeze, sometimes a wind that moves me off my center... I feel it!
More is good! Thankyou for sharing with us!

posted at 12:14pm Dec 02 PST


lidohturtle says

This is truely a lovely book to enjoy and share with everyone who is anyone special in your life its filled to the brim with emotions the author manages to touch you over and over again with his poetry this author truely has a gift of expression.
If this is the beginning of his writing I can hardly wait till he publishes again.

posted at 06:16pm Dec 01 PST


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