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In my recent work I am searching and exploring the line between the arranged picture and the snapshot. I try to tell stories - in my head they are fairytales - pictures which arrive from my imagination and have roots also in the collective unconscious. They are called Fairy tales because I would like to take the viewer on a journey – on a journey through my and also their fantasies. They are spontaneously generated images which later take on form as I try to bring them to film. The viewer should leave all prejudice behind and just try to commit going on a journey – I give the headword (title) but the course of the narration is up to them.

I hope to achieve that the people concentrate on the storytelling in the photos and so on their own imagination, which I think is a rich source of ideas, intimate feelings and bares also a lot of unconscious desires which do not always have to be explained. Imagination is a very important facility through which people make sense of the world around them. The ideal thing would be that the viewer – after he goes home – creates his own stories out of the pictures he saw, goes out of the rational world for just a little bit and lets the fantasy rule over, without concentrating to much on the outcome, so that the story doesn’t end in the gallery and that the process of creating continues.

It is a project how we can get inspired by somebody else’s work and then go and create something new. It is a collaboration project with the collaborators still unknown.

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Matej Sitar
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