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The Torrance Art Museum is proud to present ZOOM, an open-call juried survey of current developments in contemporary artistic practices from regional States.

This exhibition seeks to reflect current trends, track developments in contemporary practices, and explore associations between the regional geographical areas. But more importantly ZOOM evens the playing field to give voice to new artists, alongside more established names, via the open call process.

Los Angeles is considered one of the most dynamic cities globally for the creation of contemporary art and as we compare and contrast various art practices found in this area of influence we present a more comprehensive view of current artistic developments regionally and further afield.

In Gallery Two: First Eyes on the World - Jean-Pierre Roy.

Jean-Pierre Roy translates a 19th century ideal for the current era (Edmund Burke, On the Sublime and Beautiful, The Harvard Classics, 1909–14) by replacing the classical ruins and dark forests of the Romantic landscape painters with shorn buildings, columns of smoke, twisted steel, and smashed concrete.


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jimtssl says

The book provides an excellent overview and explanation of the artist's work. It gives someone who wasn't able to be present at the show to have an insight of the excellent works of art selected for exhibition. The book would make a nice eye-catching coffee-table magazine to be shared with everyone who appreciates contemporary, trend-setting art.

posted at 07:48pm Nov 20 PST


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