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Vulpes vulpes, more commonly known as the red fox, is one of Iowa's most beautiful mammals. For many people their only view of a red fox running wild in Iowa is nothing more than a fleeting glimpse, often seen from the windshield of a car.

Over the years Kip Ladage has enjoyed shooting images at several fox dens. None of his previous fox work compares to the opportunity he enjoyed this past spring. Kip was able to document the many activities of young fox over a nine-week period. Whether the animals were sleeping or scuffling, his camera was there.

This book features some of Kip's favorite images from his time at the den. Some of the images are of the "warm and fuzzy" nature while other images document the fox for what they are - efficient predators.

The fox have matured and moved from their den. Now, all that remain are many memories of their younger days featured in this book: Moments With Iowa's Wildlife - Vulpes vulpes (Red Fox).


About the Author

Kip Ladage
yankee Tripoli, Iowa USA
Kip Ladage is a self-taught photographer/writer from Tripoli, Iowa. Kip has been photographing nature and the outdoor world for more than 25-years. His work has been published world-wide in books, magazines, newspapers, brochures, calendars, and posters.

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