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Emergings, a meditation on the emotions of change, combines Suzie's own artworks with an extended poem she wrote at a time of great personal change
The book that waited twenty five years to be published Emergings, a meditation on the emotions of change, combines Suzie's own artworks with an extended poem she wrote at a time of great personal change some 20 years ago. Many people who over the years who have seen the book have urged Suzie to publish it.  
The book is ideal for anyone seeking to understand and master the emotional challenge, often very profound, which always accompanies any attempt to break from old ways and launch ourselves on a new path, whether self discovery, a new business or a new relationship. Or simply recovering the enthusiasm of our youth. 
Whether you are moved by words or visual imagery, you will find something in this book to delight and inspire you and anyone you choose to share the book with as a gift. 
 Who will want to have this book? 
- anyone who has set out on a path of self-discovery 
- anyone who wants to live their life on purpose 
- anyone who wants to make a difference 
- anyone whose emotions are challenged by facing the challenge of change  
- anyone for who "more of the same" will not work anyone who aspires to realize their own magnificence 
- change warriors in hiding 
“Emergings contains such a basic and fundamental truth! It really condenses so many of the core teachings of Buddhism into a poem!”- E.Dee Conrad author of A New Dawn Awaits

“Emergings” is a wonderful little vacation from the “real” world. I felt compelled forward by the story - both in the text and the paintings. It’s delightful even as a treat, but the truth it tells makes it so much more. I look forward to revisiting it, and sharing this with others.- Brad Yates, EFT Wizard

“'Emergings' is comforting, both visually and emotionally. A peacefully contemplative journey into the self-discovery and growth process that anyone can truly relate to.” Annette Pedersen

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About the Author

Suzie Cheel
suziecheel Gold Coast, Australia
Suzie is an author, an entrepreneur, an artist & lives on Australia's Gold Coast Suzie is a woman on a mission: to make a difference in the world by inspiring others and helping people to live lives full of joy, freedom and creativity. Suzie is a Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator accredited through Michael Losier, author of the best selling book Law of Attraction: the science of getting more of what you do want and less of what you don't want. She is a well-known blogger and through her Abundance Highway site applies her knowledge & experience to her goal of inspiring and helping others. Suzie teaches a simple 3 step process Law of Attraction, through discussion groups, tele-classes and coaching. Follow Suzie on Twitter: http;// You Tube: Gratitude: Suzie's Art: Law of Attraction: The Book:

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