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And since you left.

Architectural decay can be expressed in a number of forms, yet in its simplest expression it is the abandonment of duty, which carries its defining factor. Spaces once designated with purpose and function are reduced to shadows of their former purpose. However within this transgression of care, these structures continue to evolve and de-evolve depending on your point of view.

Once needed but now abandoned, these environments begin to develop their own character after their initial purpose has long faded. It is if they had been waiting for the moment when they can be alone to truly be one with the surrounding environment. In this world, Hospitals become impromptu art galleries, brewery cellars transform into performance spaces and amusement parks morph into historical relics, frozen in time yet slowly melting. There is an inherent beauty in the decay of manmade structures, as time and nature strive to reclaim their boundaries.

Often these spaces have passed through many temporary and not so temporary utilities, each one leaving its own mark and pushing the structure past its original purpose and into its new form. Destruction as a creative expression, either through natural process or by human interaction, drive the transformation and continue the structures evolution.

“… and since you left” documents a number of sites of Architectural decay in and around Berlin, Germany. As opposed to most cities around the world, Berlin seem to have resisted the overwhelming financial imperative to destroy and rebuild many of these structures, leaving a fascinating range of spaces and environments.


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Publish Date  November 03, 2009

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FunkyMunkee says

I simply love this book - totally refreshing
who thought urban decay could be so beautiful

posted at 09:09pm Aug 04 PST


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