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Trespassers Prosecuted is a collection of abstract photographs of abandoned machinery and equipment, taken in a disused limescale quarry in Northern Ireland during 2007.

These photographs are all from one location. A disused limescale quarry close to my house. As a family we walk the dog in the quarry on Sunday afternoons while I photograph the rusting hulks of industrial machinery that have been abandoned over many years in the acres around the original quarry holes. These have filled with water and swans, moor hens and ducks visit the lakes while rabbits and foxes hide in the long grass that covers (sometimes treacherously) long forgotten metal items which scrape and trip as you walk past.

It is a Health and Safety nightmare, not for the faint-hearted but an adventure playground for a photographer.

All included photographs are available as Limited Editions and can be purchased by contacting the Photographer.


About the Author

Susan Collins
SusanCollins Northern Ireland

Susan Collins has been interested in photography since childhood but waited until her 30s to pursue a career in it.

She is married with two young children and operates out of a studio in a lovely town in Northern Ireland.

She is well known for her Portrait and Wedding Photography but has a love of Abstract Photography, especially if it has rust and decay in it.

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