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In September 2009 Martin Parr sent his friend and colleague Joachim Schmid a VIP pass to the Berlin Art Forum, that he had recently received. He thought nothing of this, as he was sending Joachim something else anyway and knew full well, he would be unable to attend. Joachim saw this as an opportunity to visit the fair and take photos in the spirit of Martin Parr. He was to be Martin Parr for the 23rd September. For those that know anything about Joachim, this is a big surprise, as his career in the art world is based entirely on orchestrating other people’s photographs. 
Joachim then invited Martin to be Joachim Schmid, and he decided to trawl through the “Martin Parr, We Love You” group on Flickr. This was established a few years ago as a forum for photographers who had been seemingly influenced by his photographic language. So in the spirit of Joachim Schmid, Martin looked for the most “Parr-like” images. He then wrote to all the selected photographers and invited them to participate in this project, in exchange for a copy of the book. The resulting two sets of images are what you find on these pages. 


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Joachim Schmid
J.Schmid Berlin, Germany

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Publish Date  November 05, 2009

Dimensions  Small Square  40 pgs Standard Paper

Category  Arts & Photography

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PheromoneAut says

Its great

posted at 09:02pm Jul 26 PST


rupertcooke says

runningwild...absolute bull.

posted at 11:20am Apr 04 PST


dukedesilver says

Got you,

Schmidt is well known too.

Nearly had you didnt I?


posted at 03:18pm Mar 15 PST


dukedesilver says

Martin Parr is one of the most recognised photography faces on Earth, a Magnum pro if you like. Now as for Joachim if he is indeed real and not some hilarious stunt pulled by Parr, well knowing Parrs work and humour then well lets say its the best kept secret in the photo book collecting world.

posted at 03:13pm Mar 15 PST


JamesWhitake says

This is a great idea for a book, and very enjoyable! Good stuff!

posted at 03:19pm Jan 25 PST


runningwild says

This is self indulgence by two professional photographers who think they are both very well known ... I had never heard of either, ever . One is clearly a serious outstanding professional, the first one in the book; thz second series of photographs could be binned, frankly . It is time that the western world stopped this self denigration of itself and started seeing something sensible in these daily images - after all people were a whole lot dirtier, poorer and nastier when cartier bresson started out and look what he did - compared to the master who had far less adequate technical ressources this is the work of a spoilt child

posted at 01:55am Jan 18 PST


jrejorai says

Joachim Schmid is Joachim Schmid

posted at 08:53am Jan 08 PST

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