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There are some missing pieces to the puzzle of why people yo-yo diet, and why people who don't want to be fat, are fat.
The strangest people in this category are the super stars like Oprah, who have the ability to put themselves into spas at the drop of a hat, or to put themselves into the hands of others, such as chefs and trainers.
This book takes a look at what's really going on - the real reason people gain it all back, plus a little bit more, over and over again.
Take a new look at stress.
Then I speculate about what stress is doing to other body types.
It's free to read.
***Since writing this book I've tried to investigate the science behind it. I've learned that the R-Complex in our brain is responsible for survival and is the part of our brain that is controlling our stress modes.
I've learned that when we eat the carbs that are most easily turned into fat, our brains give us a dose of serotonin - it's 'feel good' stuff.
I've also learned that caffeine in excess creates excess cortisol, which 'keeps the fat on' especially around the belly. Both caffeine and stress create cortisol.
And I've learned that the small ball (about 9 inch diameter) that costs one dollar at Walmart is perfect for doing sit ups. Just put it at the base of your back and it's easy to strengthen your core and back!


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Publish Date  November 13, 2009

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