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Called "Urban Vinyl Toys" or "Designer Toys", these are highly collectable design concepts created by artists all over the world. 

The Urban Toy scene was born in 1997 when designer Michael Lau showed up at a Hong Kong toy show with a handful of GI-Joes he'd customized into hip-hop street fashion figures. Things exploded from there, and artists from Hong Kong and Japan began making their own limited toys. 


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Caesar Photo Design, Inc.
caephoto Calabasas
Appearances mean everything to beauty photographer, Caesar Lima. His photographs evoke a commanding sensuality not common in most practices. Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Caesar Lima is a visionary that embraces technology and looks forward to the future, as he knows it will certainly bring an endless variety of innovations with which to express himself creatively. When it comes to staying fresh and innovative, Lima is very particular, a self-proclaimed “non-purist”, he gets a kick out of going against the grain and doing the “wrong thing”. Caesar strives to create imagery that has never existed, that makes you think, that is unusual and at times, even surreal. However rebellious his methods may be, Caesar has become one of the most successful commercial photographers in the last few years.

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