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Some of the photos I have taken in the last nine years. Some are taken with my grandfathers 50 year old Contax D - a completely manually operated camera on which I learned the basics of photography. The latest ones are taken with a Canon Powershot S3iS - completely digital, ...and still learning.
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DrkGreenL says

Oh wow, thank you! Just got through looking through your photography book, and I must say I'm impressed. Keep up the excellent work!

Tino Izuora, Dallas TX

posted at 08:15am Apr 21 PST


webism says

Congrats, dear Uta! I really enjoyed the journey. You've got a great eye for details, colour and composition. And most of all your photos are touching and emotional.

posted at 02:23pm Jan 23 PST


parimet says

This is a set of brilliant photographs by a young photographer which deserves a wide circulation. She takes people, animals, cityscapes and landscapes with passion and intelligence. The book is a pleasure to look through and I recommed it and her work to everyone with an interest in the power of photography.

Bryan Lowe, England.

posted at 01:21am Dec 23 PST


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