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This is volume II of the full collection of images by Randy Jackson. This is a large format landscape (coffee table style of 11" x 13") book of 80 pages with 90 photographs. This volume contains eight more pages of photographs than the original and includes new photographs taken in the summer of 2009.

At first glance, this book may appear to be a collection of photographs. But, in reality, it's a book about faith and belief. I take pictures because I enjoy capturing the beauty of God’s creation. I've taken thousands of photographs over the years and many of the photos in this book occurred because of something I call a “moment of light.” That mystical moment while standing amidst the beauty of nature and suddenly the framing, the lighting and the colors all come together and I click the shutter.

Each of these photographs has a story, a history of how it came to be. Each was created in that “moment of light” where I was able to capture an image that inspires and delights me. I hope you will see this book not only as a collection of photographs, but a book about God’s glory and evidence of His light here on earth.

Randy Jackson and his wife, Valerie, live in Arizona with their two cats, Thelma and Louise. Their adventures together began in 1998 and most of the photographs in this book were taken on journeys they've shared across the beautiful Western United States.


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