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Glorious Venice is bursting with memories for myself and my family, a short but an amazing few days. We managed to fill our time with as much culture, food, fun and sightseeing as anyone could ever imagine.

It is a collection of Holga square and panoramic Holgaramas exploring Venice. A personal journey yes but I loved this place so much I wanted to share it!


About the Author

Ky Lewis
kylewis1 London, United Kingdom.
I am a Krappy plastic camera lover, expired film, 110mm, 35mm or 120 and instant, anything that allows me to make tasty looking images. A lot of my cameras are also lomo and multiple exposures or multiframed is also a passion. I'm a full time mother of three fitting in a little bit of creativity around all the mundane things in life. I would say I'm an amateur photographer who has been lucky to exhibit , sell and have worked published in print and online, Some of the work is held privately and in photo collections. I prefer a more experimental approach to image making and choose to use toycameras, vintage cameras and pinholes, the latter are often homemade. I use expired film and a lot of this may be cross processed as well. Thank you for taking the time to look at my books, you may also find me on a search under kylewis!

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paultreacy says

Thanks for your comment over at my book's page.

I love this project you've got here. And I'm a surprise admirer of your plastic camera work. I had a Holga and hated it. I just didn't get it at the time though I may return to it at some point and try again.

Paul Treacy.

posted at 08:55am Dec 09 PST


nejafeja says

amazing photos! obvious that you had a great time in Venice! all the people who love this city should purchase this book!

posted at 06:12am Jun 25 PST


sapata says

That's very nice of you Ky Lewis...thanks for your comments.

Your Venice pictures are gorgeous ! This is a place that I've been meaning to go back for ages and your pictures are very inspiring...
See you around !

posted at 02:42pm Feb 15 PST


JesseLewis1 says

This was my favourite Christmas present this year, a precious little book, full of rich images evocative of the splendour of Venice and the wonderful few days that I spent there with my wife and children. Just gorgeous.

I want to go back!

posted at 08:21am Dec 31 PST

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