Baby photo books

Bundles of joy in print

Make a photo book of your baby's best moments throughout that first year (and the years as they move into childhood) with Blurb. Add your baby's photos and then mix in captions, comments, and memories to build a book that's totally precious. Blurb gives you:

  • Gorgeous, lasting papers and binding (they'€™re not chew-proof, sorry)
  • Pre-designed templates or create your own page layouts
  • Lots of book sizes, paper types, and cover types to choose from
  • The tools, inspiration, and tips you need to make a book you'€™ll treasure forever

Making a baby memory book—step by step

Even more baby book ideas to get you inspired

  • Make a 365-page masterpiece—a picture taken every day of their first year
  • Collect pictures contributed by everyone in the family
  • Add a short line or two explaining the story behind each photo
  • Create a book written for your baby while you’re expecting
  • Take baby for a walk and document neighborhood landmarks—compare in a couple of years
Baby memory books—sweet inspiration for every book-maker