10 Best Ways to Customize Your Blurb Book

One of Blurb’s founding beliefs is that people should be able to create the book they want to make. Whether it’s a family photo book, a portfolio book, or a coffee-table showcase, you should be able to bring your vision to life and share it with the world. We know there are as many different ways to envision a book as there are people, so we’ve made it possible to add distinctive, custom touches to your book, whether you create 1 copy, 300 copies, or 1,000 copies.

Anything you can customize at a lower level, you can do at a higher level. Your options increase with the number of copies you order at once.

For anything over 100 copies, contact our Large Order Services team to help you work out your pricing and custom options.


1. Paper type: Text and images work best with different papers, and the feel of the paper is an important part of someone’s experience in print, so create the experience you’d like by selecting the heft and gloss of the paper.

2. Cover type: Softcover, Hardcover, or Dust-Jacket—kick off someone’s reading experience with a custom cover that communicates what type of book it is. Dust jackets may signal prestige, while a softcover may feel more accessible.

3. Size: Different content demands different real-estate. Smaller books might work better for little hands when you make a children’s book. Or you might want a lot of page space for big, bold illustrations. It’s up to you!


4. Custom-print endsheets: This is part of someone’s first impression when they crack the cover. The endsheets are traditionally blank, but you can print on them for something eye-catching and introductory.

5. Wire-O binding: Maybe you hoped your book would lay completely flat when open, or you wanted something easy for people to write in. Spiral binding is an option. And there’s always Layflat Paper. 

6. Headbands/Tailbands/Ribbons: These add touches of elegance and personality to your custom book, with colored bands at the top and bottom of the spine, and one or more custom color ribbon markers.

7. Foil/Deboss Cover Treatment: Give your book the royal treatment with a title that shines or is set apart by a carved negative space in the cover.


8. Specialty sizes: If you envision your book in European paper sizes, say A6, or you want something larger or smaller than industry standard sizes, see your options.

9. Specialty cover materials: One client wanted his book to feel like a football, so he sought a faux-leather cover material. Another wanted a linen color that matched a corporate logo. With an offset run, you can get really creative with how it feels to hold your book.

10. Slipcases: For the books that are meant to stand the test of time, with beautiful, vibrant pages that need long-term protection. One State Historical Society printed a custom commemorative book and matching slipcase for its biggest donors.

You’d be amazed by how the smallest details like Paper Type can change the look and feel of a single book, and you’d be delighted by all the power and possibility of an offset run. Time and again customers say, “I can’t believe I can actually make the book I saw in my head!”

Do you have an idea for a book? If you need 100 copies or more, contact our Large Order Services team to see what it takes to bring your vision to life.


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    thanks for this posting here you have posted here so thanks for this posting ,
    and this is very nice ever i seen about books so thanks for this ,


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  • alice fettling says:
    Aug 3 at 10:32

    I want to add spiral binding to my book. This article says it is an option but I can’t find it anywhere on the site?

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